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iOS openGL es 3D Viewer

3D Viewer for iOS totally written in C, Objective-C and openGLes programmers: Daniele Colombo Alessandro Pirovano.

Ninja Cat IOS game

Cover Breaker - 3D iPhone game

maGneT - Ancient Games 1 - Senet

The Ancient Egyptian game of Senet. First video in the Ancient Games series. My copy of the board can be downloaded as a PDF from: ...

Cocos2D/Objective-C Weeks 1&2 Game Development Frameworks

Leap Motion - Test using ObjectiveC

Basic test using Leap Motion SDK and Objective-C on Mac OSX.

The puzzle game in my portfolio

This project was made from 3d engine which was written in c++, objective c and OpenGL ES. The game is puzzle style. Game features - 3d visualize - Path ...

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